Lori McIntosh


“We are not going to break the glass ceiling, we are moving out” is the phrase that Lori coined, the words she lives by, and what motivated her to start VIM & VIXIN.  For the past two decades she has worked alongside CEOs and senior corporate officers mentoring, coaching and advising them on accelerating their business, building high performing teams and connecting people to create winning corporate cultures.

While doing this work, two things became clear: First: gender diversity is essential for an organization to achieve sustained high performance growth. Second: effective gender diversity in the workplace is scarce.

Lori uses her experiences and contacts to remove the obstacles between her clients and the lives they want to build. This means placing women in C-level positions. It means helping women launch their own businesses. It also means telling CEOs hard truths about how to achieve the diversity they say they want.  
Lori approaches all her client based work with a mix of heart, sass and gravitas. She’s not afraid to ask the tough questions, and she’ll keep asking until she gets a straight answer.  Her ability to zero in on problems and cut through corporate rhetoric with unwavering focus drives her business results which have been unprecedented during the first year of VIM & VIXIN’s operation.




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