Business Consulting

We bet you have a skill or product that people would pay money for. You might just need help figuring out how to market it. Whether your business exists in the real world or only in your imagination, we can take you anywhere from incubation to execution to development. You might think you need money, but what you really need is to be able to sell, promote, and hustle. We can get you there.

Career Coaching

You’re smart. You’re talented. But you might not be in the right job. We'll help you determine what you'd rather be doing, and get you there. We can get you places you won't get to just looking at job posting sites. We know that smart people are always looking to hire other smart people, and we have a rolodex that you would not believe. We'll make sure that all the right places know you are on the market, and that you are ready when they call.

Executive Search

Do you look at your "diversity" numbers every quarter and despair? Do you go back to your existing network hoping to develop a more diverse senior leadership team? Is it time for your to take a critical eye to your existing corporate culture and hiring processes? Call us.


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