We help clients jump-start their careers and businesses every day. Here are some of our favourite success stories.


Lori’s take:

Even before I met Rochelle, I knew she was my kind of gal. She sent me a spreadsheet of places she most wanted to work, jobs she’d applied for, and the outcome of each of those applications. It was clear she was ambitious, organized, and not afraid of a challenge. The first thing I do with coaching clients is get them on the phone, to get a sense of who they really are. Rochelle and I clicked instantly, and right away I thought This woman is so smart, she should be running her own show. But I knew I had to leave that up to her, so we made a plan to meet up and hash out a plan.

In person, her hustle and independence became even more clear. I asked pointed questions about what she wanted her life to look like, and and really dug into her answers. It quickly became clear she wanted to be her own boss, and by the end of the meeting, we’d written half of a business plan.

Rochelle’s take:

The wheels have been going non-stop since my first conversation with Lori. She can see things in ways that you may not, and this fresh perspective is part of the appeal of working with VIM & VIXIN. This perspective looks at results – the kind of results you want to have for yourself and your company. Her energy is contagious; you will finish calls and meetings raring to go with a plan in place and identified next steps. You won’t want to wait to put the items into action. Friends and associates have said that they are surprised how quickly my business is coming together, but I tell them, “if you knew her, you wouldn’t be surprised at all…” When you work with Lori and the VIM & VIXIN team, make sure you are ready for results, because they happen quickly.

I’m serious. Fasten your seatbelts. Gird your loins. Be ready to go forward.


Lori's take:

It was obvious from the minute that I met Denzil that he was a CEO I needed to work with. He intimately understood diversity and culture, and wanted to build a senior leadership team that could move at the pace needed for his high-growth organization Georgian Bay Spirit Co.

To build an iconic Canadian brand, we needed to pull in heavy-hitters with years of relevant experience who wanted to build something in a very unconventional way. Denzil gave us the freedom to present and make a case for candidates that traditional organizations might not have considered. We used that freedom to build Georgian Bay Spirit Co an epic team.

Denzil's take:

The way Lori and VIM & VIXIN work is difficult to describe. It was like we hired a consultant, counselor, psychologist and CEO all in one. She got to the heart of our organizational chart but more importantly she understood our company culture very quickly, and made us realize what type of talent we really needed.

She doesn't just find people with the right skills she also finds people who are the right cultural fit. She's built an incredibly strong team for us in a very short period of time.

There are consultants and then there's Lori.


Lori’s take

When I met Chrissy, she was one of the top Chief Financial Officers in the Pacific North West. She was just coming off of a big role and potentially settling into early retirement. She felt like she was always going to have to sacrifice her position, her salary, or her family if she was going to continue with her career.

Marrying Chrissy with U.S. Anesthesia Partners shows it is possible to match the right person with the right culture.  The company, who was committed to placing women in leadership roles, got a phenomenal CFO, and Chrissy was able to keep making the difference she wanted to, without having to compromise.

Every time I hear a CEO say that they can’t find qualified women, I think about the fact that we had to pull Chrissy out of retirement. It just goes to show that conventional recruiting tactics aren’t going to be enough to bring about the diversity that business needs.

Chrissy’s take

I recently had the pleasure of working with Lori McIntosh of VIM & VIXIN. As a recently semi-retired CFO, I was looking for the right balance between work and personal life. I felt that Lori understood where I was, what I wanted to accomplish in my next career move and really “got” that. She took the time to get to know me and what I wanted to do.

She is a great communicator, asks the right questions, says the things that I am thinking and challenging me when I need it. I needed that challenge to help me find the right opportunity. That is what Lori accomplished for me.

I highly recommend working with her.


Lori’s take:

Of all of my clients, Joy said the least and did the most. She was working in an industry that didn’t align with her values, to say the least. She had no idea of what she was capable of, she just knew she had to get out. So I asked her a big question: What is your dream? Because to me it was obvious that just a new job wasn’t going to meet the needs of her brain or heart.

Joy is quiet and contemplative. When you ask her a question, she doesn’t think out loud to you until she lands on an answer. Instead, she takes her time to deliver a reasoned and well-examined response. More than once I told her to take a walk, after which she’d come back with a blinding insight that would propel us forward in the process.

I was so happy to help Joy realize her capabilities, which saw her landing her dream job in a new industry.

Joy’s take:

Working with Lori and the VIM & VIXIN team was nothing short of life-changing. She guided me to dig deep into myself and my own soul and to embrace what I discovered. This changed how I viewed my skill set, my work needs, and even the kinds of companies where I thought I'd be happy.

By contacting companies directly, the team worked to vault me over the gatekeepers and put me in touch with the bigger picture creative thinkers who really make the decisions. The best surprise of all came when I received a job offer not from any of the companies where I'd been applying but from a friend who'd been listening to my job search stories while implementing Lori's advice.

My increased confidence, appreciation of my skills, and awareness of where I'd thrive inspired him to create a position for me at his company. I'm more hopeful about my future than I thought possible. I look forward to lending a hand to other V&V contacts as my way of paying it forward. Working with VIM & VIXIN is one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I can't wait to see what happens next.


Lori’s take:

As a Chief Human Resources Officer, alongside his CEO, are two male leaders who intrinsically understand what women leadership bring to organizations. We were hired to find his organization a female Chief Financial Officer. How refreshing for us.

(Yes, these leaders truly do exist.)

Paul’s take:

We recognized we wanted to broaden our network of highly talented female executives to support our dynamic and high growth business.  Our goal was not to fill an open position but to build a high performing team. We turned to Lori McIntosh and the team at VIM & VIXIN because of their unique market perspective and innovative value proposition.  

They presented highly qualified candidates which resulted in the addition of our Regional Chief Financial Officer to our senior management team.  They drive results and value relationships.  I would highly recommend them to any firm looking to hire top female talent.


Lori’s take:

Jessica is a firecracker. She has it all: smarts, emotional intelligence, ambition, and business savvy. She was in a role that was far too junior for her enormous brain. Being in a smaller town limited her options, it was time for her to move on to something bigger, more challenging, and more complex.

After several coaching sessions, Jess finally started to understand that she could do whatever she wanted. She picked a city, she picked a company whose culture resonated with her, she got the interview, and she got the job.

Jessica’s take:

I’ve always thought "if you're the smartest one in the room, you're in the wrong room". When I met Lori, I had a hit-you-in-the-gut realization that I was finally in the right room.

I was slogging my way up the corporate ladder, insecure about where and how I fit in.  Lori helped lift the veil off of my insecurities and self-sabotaging tendencies and confront them head-on (and ripped that veil straight off for me when I needed her to!).

I had heard from friends and family that I was worth more than I chose to put up with at work, but hearing it from Lori was completely different. I connected with her sincere approach on a visceral level. I met Lori two years ago, and as a direct result uprooted myself from a town too small for me, moving to a large and exciting new city. I also increased my salary by 40%.

Work with her, laugh with her, scheme with her; I have no doubt she will quite literally change your life.


Lori’s take:

Jackie is one of the most down-to-earth women and gets-shit-done women I’ve ever met. I had many conversations with Jackie while she was working within a company, about the challenge of reaching her full potential within someone else’s corporate structure. I always knew that if she went out on her own, her creativity and relationship building skills would lead to huge success. Because this is a woman who truly delivers.

I was ecstatic when she called me to tell me she wanted my help to start her own business, because I would finally be able to kick her ass in a way I thought she’d needed for years. I had no doubts she would be a successful business owner, but even I didn’t suspect she’d end up owning two.

Jackie’s take:

I have worked with Lori for almost a year. In that time, I have experienced a total turnaround in the way I’m operating my business. Lori opened my eyes to new strategies, new ways to communicate, new ways to package my services, and most importantly a business development strategy. With this insight, I relaunched my agency, with more drive and confidence than I have in years, and my average deal size has increased 50%.

Lori also identified a gap in the industry, and encouraged me to build a second business that would fill that gap. I took that advice, and as a result I have two businesses that feed revenue into each other.


Lori’s take:

Simply put, Michelle was in the wrong job at the wrong company in the wrong culture. She wasn’t even leveraging a third of her skillset. She knew what she wanted to do, and that it was an unconventional path, but she didn’t know how to make it happen. So we worked on a strategy to rebrand herself, coaching her on navigating the interview process in a way that would ensure they understood that her capabilities and insight went far beyond what her CV might have reflected.

This coaching resulted in Michelle making a massive career leap to a more senior role in a new industry. Finally able to leverage everything she has to offer, this girl is kicking some serious ass.

Michelle’s take:

I was introduced to Lori when I was at a challenging and pivotal point in my career - a change was long overdue but I felt lost and unclear about which direction to take.

From the very beginning, Lori was completely invested in my goals as though they were her own. She took the time to listen and really understand what my passions were and where I wanted (and didn't want) to take my career. She completely embraced the fact that I didn't want to pursue a role I was technically qualified to - in fact, she encouraged it and saw beyond the skills on my CV. Simply put, she got me and was willing to do whatever it took (and pushed me to do the same) to make sure I found my way.

As a woman navigating and building my career, having Lori by my side was impactful. She will remain as a lifelong mentor for me.


Lori’s take:

From the moment I met Brienne, I knew she was smart. When she told me about her brand and her business, I was excited to check it out. Once I took I a look at it, I was blown away but what she’d managed to achieve. She clearly knew her space, and I knew that once we built a sound infrastructure for the business, the sky would be the limit.

Brienne’s take:

I met Lori at a conference she was speaking at in Seattle. As soon as she started speaking I was mesmerized by her strong and very honest personality. It wasn’t just what she was saying, but her whole attitude. She embodied confidence, determination and a level of hustle that drew me in and didn’t let go. I had to meet her.

That meeting and the subsequent coaching sessions have been life changing for me and my business. Working with Lori has been an amazing experience. I can tell she’s really invested in my success.

All of our coaching sessions are so inspiring, and by the end of the call I have concrete next steps to take, and the self-assurance to take those steps.


Lori’s take:

Hailey is a smart, driven, independent woman. She always knew she wanted to be her own boss, but she needed support in making that happen. We coached her on everything from establishing herself to acquiring clients to knowing what to charge once she got them.

Hailey has all the qualities of an entrepreneur, most importantly the fire in the belly that fuels everyone who decides to go out on their own. It has been thrilling setting her on a path of applying those qualities to see concrete business outcomes.

Hailey’s take:

As soon as I met Lori I know that she was someone I absolutely had to work with. I relate to her on so many different levels and we have a very honest and upfront working relationship.  Her "take no shit" attitude is something that really clears the clutter so that you can focus on your goals and be successful.  

Before I met Lori I didn't feel confident about where I was going or how I was going to get there.  Our weekly meetings quickly got me focused and motivated so that I was able to drive my business objectives and more importantly my bottom line.  She has changed my conversation from "Where am I going?" to "How I am I going to manage my growing brand?" My favourite part about working with Lori is being able to connect with her from both a business and personal level. She is the whole package.