Lori said:

Before I met Rochelle, I already knew. She was my kind of gal. She'd sent a spreadsheet of places she most wanted to work. Jobs she’d applied for. And the outcome of every application. She presented as ambitious, organized, and fearless. Rochelle and I clicked instantly. Clearly, she should be running her own show. But that was up to her. In person her hustle and independence were unmistakeable. I could dig in. What did she want her life to look like? By the end of the meeting we’d written half of a business plan.

Rochelle said:

"The wheels have been going non-stop since my first conversation with Lori. She can see things you may not. This fresh perspective is a massive part of the appeal. I like perspectives that focus on results. Her energy is contagious; you finish calls and meetings raring to go – with a plan in place and identified next steps. You won’t want to wait to just go. Friends and associates are surprised by how quickly my business is coming together. But I tell them, “If you knew her, you'd expect nothing less.” When you work with Lori and the VIM & VIXIN team, be sure you're ready for results, because they happen. And fast.

"I’m serious. Fasten your seatbelts. Gird your loins. Be ready to go forward."


Lori said:

Of all of my clients, Joy said the least and did the most. She worked in an industry that didn’t align with her values, to say the least. She had no idea how much she was capable of; she just knew she had to get out. So I asked her the big question: "What is your dream?" Because "just a new job" wasn’t going to satisfy her brain or heart.

Joy is quiet and contemplative. When you ask her a question, she doesn’t think out loud until she lands on an answer. Instead, she takes her time and delivers a reasoned and well-examined response. More than once I told her to take a walk. She'd return armed with a blinding insight that would propel us forward.

Joy said:

Working with Lori and the VIM & VIXIN team was legitimately life-changing. She guided me to dig deep into myself and my soul -- and to embrace what I discovered. This altered how I viewed my skill set, my work needs, and even the kinds of companies where I thought I'd be happy.

By contacting companies directly, the team worked to vault me over the gatekeepers. They put me in touch with the bigger-picture creative thinkers who really make the decisions. The best surprise of all came when I received a job offer -- not from the companies where I'd been applying, but from a friend who'd been listening to my job search stories, while implementing Lori's advice.

My increased confidence, newfound appreciation of my skills, and an awareness of where I'd thrive inspired him to create a position for me at his company. I'm more hopeful now about my future than I thought possible. I look forward to lending a hand to other V&V contacts as my way of paying it forward. Working with VIM & VIXIN is one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I can't wait to see what happens next.


Lori said:

A Chief Human Resources Officer, alongside his CEO. These are two male leaders who intrinsically understand what womens' leadership brings to organizations. We were hired specifically to find his organization a female Chief Financial Officer. Yes, these leaders truly do exist. (How refreshing for us.)

Paul said:

We wanted to broaden our network of highly talented female executives to support our dynamic, high-growth business. Our goal was not to fill an open position but to build a high-performing team. We turned to Lori McIntosh and the team at VIM & VIXIN because of their unique market perspective and innovative value proposition.  

They presented only highly qualified candidates. That resulted in the addition of our Regional Chief Financial Officer to our senior management team.  They drive results and value relationships. I would highly recommend them to any firm looking to hire top female talent.


Lori said:

From the moment we met, I recognized Denzil as a CEO I had to work with. He intimately understands diversity and culture. And he wanted to build a senior leadership team that could move at the necessary pace for his high-growth organization, Georgian Bay Spirit Co.

We aimed high. To build an iconic Canadian brand. So, we needed to pull in heavy-hitters with years of relevant experience. They, too, had to want to build something in an unconventional way. Denzil gave us the freedom to present and make cases for candidates that traditional organizations may not even have considered. We used that freedom to build an epic team.

Denzil said:

The way Lori and VIM & VIXIN work is difficult to describe. It was like we hired a consultant, counselor, psychologist and CEO all in one. She got to the heart of our organizational chart. But more importantly she understood our company culture quickly, and made us realize what type of talent we really needed.

She doesn't just find people with the right skills, she also finds people with the right cultural fit. She's built an incredibly strong team for us in a very short period of time.

“There are consultants and then there's Lori.”


Lori said:

When I met Chrissy, she was one of the top Chief Financial Officers in the Pacific Northwest. Coming off of a big role, she might have settled into early retirement. She felt like she was always going to have to sacrifice her position, her salary, or her family if she was going to continue with her career.

Marrying Chrissy with U.S. Anesthesia Partners shows it's possible to match the right person with the right culture.  The company was committed to placing women in leadership roles. They got a phenomenal CFO. And Chrissy was able to keep making the difference she wanted to, without compromise.

Every time I hear a CEO say that they can’t find qualified women, I remember how we had to pull Chrissy out of retirement. It's essential to understand how conventional recruiting tactics won't be enough to create the diversity that business needs.

Chrissy said:

I recently had the pleasure of working with Lori McIntosh of VIM & VIXIN. I was a recently, semi-retired CFO. Still, I was looking for the right balance between work and personal life. I felt that Lori really "got" where I was and what I wanted to accomplish in my next career move. She dug deep to get to know me and what I wanted to do.

She is a great communicator. Asks the right questions. Lori says the things that I am thinking and also challenges me when I need it. I needed her to help me find the right opportunity. That is what Lori accomplished for me. I highly recommend working with her.


Lori said:

Jackie is one of the most down-to-earth, get-shit-done women I’ve ever met. We had many conversations while she was worked within a company. Mostly about the challenge of reaching her full potential while under someone else’s corporate structure. It seemed clear, once she went out on her own, her creativity and relationship building skills would lead to massive success. Because this is a woman who truly delivers.

When she called for help to starting her own business, I could finally, fully kick her ass. I knew she'd one day be a successful business owner. But even I didn't suspect she’d end up owning two.

Jackie said:

I have worked with Lori for almost a year. In that time, I have experienced a total turnaround in the way I’m operating my business. Lori opened my eyes to new strategies, new ways to communicate, new ways to package my services, and most importantly a business development strategy. With this insight, I relaunched my agency, with more drive and confidence than I've had in years, and my average deal size has increased 50%.

Lori also identified a gap in the industry, and encouraged me to build a second business to fill that gap. I took that advice. As a result I have two businesses that feed revenue into each other.


Lori said:

The short story: Michelle was in the wrong job at the wrong company in the wrong culture. She wasn’t even applying a third of her skill set. She knew what she wanted to do, and that it was unconventional, but she didn’t know how to make it happen. So we strategized on how she'd rebrand herself. We coached her on navigating the interview process – and in a way that would ensure they understood that her capabilities and insight far surpassed what her CV suggested.

Ultimately, Michelle completed a massive career leap to a more senior role in a new industry. Finally able to apply everything she has to offer, this girl is kicking some serious ass.

Michelle L. said:

I was introduced to Lori during a challenging and pivotal point in my career. A change was overdue but I felt lost and unclear about which direction to take.

From the beginning, Lori was completely invested in my goals as though they were her own. She took the time to listen and really understand what my passions were and where I wanted (and didn't want) to take my career. She embraced the fact that I didn't want to pursue a role I was technically qualified for. In fact, she encouraged me to grow forward, far beyond the skills listed on my CV. She really got me. And was willing to do whatever it took (thereby pushing me to do the same) to make sure I found my way.

As a woman navigating and building my career, having Lori by my side was crucial. She will remain my lifelong mentor.